Musk Miners

About Us

“There are no right or wrong answers. Only cryptocurrency.”

Our Calling

We are Musk Mining. We are driven by a desire to foster financial decentralization. Our mission encompasses the values of reliable, clean, local service, BASED RIGHT HERE IN THE UNITED STATES (Grand Forks, ND). We provide a local perspective throughout a global industry and have become infatuated with the decentralization of finance and all the opportunities it chaperons.

Oh Yeah! Did we mention that we have a stern admiration for Elon Musk (hence the name) He is the true vanguard of our time and; frankly, is just awesome.

Our Pioneers

Blake Greiner M.S.

Cofounder and CEO

I’m just a guy who loves crypto. I believe we are truly at the forefront of a financial revolution comparable to the California Gold Rush, the introduction of the Model T, or even the creation of the US dollar 229 years ago.

Decentralized cryptocurrency is the absolute future with its unbreakable security, finite quantity, and overall ability to warrant transactions without a brick and mortar third party who have been known to be subject to various institutional corruption.

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Chris Wavra B.S.

Cofounder and COO

I’m eager to provide guidance into a revolutionary transition of financial independence through cryptocurrency. For too long people have been controlled by the central banking system and now we have an opportunity to give the power to the people.

The decentralized currency blockchain technology has the potential to change the way we spend money, communicate, and most importantly vote. I am driven by the possibility of creating a connected world, free of corruption. My goal is to provide a way everyone can learn, get involved, and grow the future of finance.

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